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2024 Membership Application

We are a Membership Social Club (IRS Code 501c (7)

The Social Club of Palm Coast is a social, recreational, and non-profit organization. Our
purpose is to provide a place for fun, relaxation, and networking opportunities, among other things for our members and their occasional guests. Our funding is primarily from our members and donations. Our intent is to serve our members- not the general public. We follow IRS guidelines regarding membership - these are IRS and Florida requirements for this Club to continue to operate as a 501c7 organization.

  • All members are required to present membership cards upon request.

  • Up to 14-day period waived for new members.


  • You must be a member in order to purchase a beverage in Club 51.


  • Members are required to register guests by signing the Guest Log when entering the building.

  • Members may bring up to five guests per month.

       (An individual will only be considered a guest up to 5 visits to the club per year.)


  • Member benefits allow you to purchase food and beverages in Club 51 at discounted prices, and enjoy gaming

       activities in Club 51, and other social activities held at the Club.
       (i.e. GamingActivitiesinclude but not limited to: Queen of Hearts,50/50, GamingMachines, etc.)

  • SCOPC by-laws allow each Guest 5 visits per year.


CLUB 51 ONLY MEMBERSHIP                                    $70 / YEAR 

  • Allows full access to all activities held in Club 51 including games, bar, and food purchases

  • Does NOT allow discounted tickets for Club sponsored events (i.e. Saturday Dinner Dance).

  • "Club 51" Membership card will be issued.

  • Allows for member-discounted food and beverage purchases in Club 51.

FULL CLUB MEMBERSHIP                                           $90 YEAR 

  • Includes all Club 51 membership benefits listed above.

  • Full access to all activities held in Club 51 including games, bar and food purchases.

  • Allows discounted tickets for Club sponsored events (i.e. Saturday Dinner Dance).

  • "SCOPC" Membership card will be issued.

CASUAL MEMBERSHIP                                         Limited membership with Board Approval

  • For those who want to partake in select activities and only frequent the Club for the specific activity night, a casual membership may be offered. (Select activities include but not limited to the following; Salsa, Line Dance, Latin Night, and darts.

  • Applicants must complete and sign a casual membership application.

  • "Casual Activity Membership" card will be issued referencing select activity [day/month].

  • Allows access toClub 51 for specific activity [day/month].

  • Discounts are NOT applicable for Casual Memberships.

Download Membership Application

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine  and mixed drinks.

Special Events

We offer new shows 
every Saturday.

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